Monday, August 9, 2010

Lapu-Lapu Fattening Farm

Lapu-LapuThis 2.4 hectare multi-knitted fish pens or cages housing tons of Lapu-lapu started as a small business enterprise by a group of Capizeño businessman in 1990 but later ballooned to a million earner industry for the Capizeños. No trade secrets but sheer hard work, dedication and team play. Basing on the farms’ weekly harvest of 450 kilos plus an aggregate 550 kilos from other neighboring farms within the city, an approximate 2.5 tons of Lapu-lapu flows out of Capiz weekly (357 kilos/day) for domestic consumption. The farm is able to provide substantial share for the requirements in Manila as it is able to supply the demand locally in the province. During special occasions such as Sinadya sa Halaran Festival, Seafoods fest and religious fiestas in various Capiz Municipalities, more Lapu-lapu is being consumed locally whish is prompting fish pen owners to expands its area to increase yield and supply the anticipated increased of demand. Along with its expansion plan, newer techniques in handling and feeding has been applied by farm technicians to insure health and freshness of fish when ship to Manila. Today, the industry has flourished to an elevated stage and through the cooperative that initiated the business, has ceased to exist, the continuing supply and demand has continued to increase year after year. Independent owners with each having their own business contacts in Manila, have vowed to keep the supply of Lapu-lapu to a substantial level that it can continuously supply the demands of Manila without sacrificing enough supply for local consumption. After all, Roxas City, Capiz – is the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.


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