Monday, August 16, 2010

Ang Pinakbet

Ang PinakbetAlthough this dish is more “Ilo-kano” than “Ilo-nggo” Pinakbet is almost a national dish as Adobo. It is in most regions in the whole country with slight variations. We used to go to this resort in Iloilo that has this really great Pinakbet, oozing with bagoong, crisp vegetables and lovely melt in your mouth pork belly. It has always been part of our order. I think the secret to Pinakbet is the high quality Bagoong (shrimp paste) that you choose and the freshness of the vegetables.

I have been to a lot of filipino homes, parties and restaurants, and I noticed that the veggies are usually overcooked (from pansit to chop-suey etc), partly to blame I think is our Turo-turo mentality where the food has been slowly cooking in their containers for hours. So you have vegetables that are mushy and lacks color. Turo-Turo is ok if you are in a rush, that’s how it was designed for…”Fast-food”. But definitely not at home. We have to cook with our heart that has been our Lola’s secret recipe and our Mom’s secret recipe and will continue to be, provided you put care and love in your cooking. I am a firm believer in the slow food movement.


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