Monday, July 26, 2010

Ang Mga Hiligaynon

The Capiznon salute the Hiligaynon People. These are the indigenous inhabitants of the large coastal plain of East Panay island. Over the years, intermigrations and intramigrations have contributed to the diaspora of the Hiligaynon to different parts of the country. Now, the Hiligaynon people form the majority in Iloilo province, Capiz province, Negros Occidental province, Guimaras province, and Sultan Kudarat province. They are part of the wider Visayan ethnic group, who constitute the largest Filipino ethnic group. They speak Hiligaynon language. Throughout the Philippines, they speak Tagalog and English as second languages. Most Hiligaynons are Christians belonging to Roman Catholicism. The Capiznon are proud of their native people…The Hiligaynon People.


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