Monday, July 26, 2010

A Capiznon Computer Technician Student

Some of the courses taken by some college student in Capiz are I.T. courses. As the technologies continue on improving, a computer courses nowadays become more in demand like the Computer Technician. Other country needs an I.T graduates like computer technician. But even though the computer courses are in demand here and abroad this it is not an easy course. Why I take this course? It is because; it provides us the basic principles of communication and work standards, and theories and trainings on the use of computers in the design, implementation, and maintenance of network technologies. Technician students cover all aspects of diagnosing, installs, troubleshoots, repairs and maintains personal computer systems and maintains, fine tunes, monitors and troubleshoots networks including file servers, workstations, cable, NIC cards, shared resources (printer, hard disks install), network operating system, hubs, switches and routers. Upon completion of this course the students should be able to perform the duties, responsibilities and acquire attitude relevant to the job titles of Computer and Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, LAN/WAN Manager, IT Manager, and Computer Technician. This Computer Technician in Capiz learns how to optimize blogs. Computer Technician Student in Capiz not just good in computer repairs but also has skills in Blogging.


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