Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mayweather vs Cotto: Who wins?

Mayweather vs Cotto bout is going to happen on May 5, 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Mayweather is the number one Welterweight and Miguel Cotto is the number one Junior Middleweight squaring off against each other. Mayweather statistics are 42 wins, 0 defeats, 26 KOs and a seven-time world champion. Cotto statistics 36 wins, 2 defeats, and 29 KOs worlds best junior middleweight champion.

They were able to mention figures with the possibility for the KO of Floyd and Miguel. The knockout percentage of Cotto is 79.92% and 61.9% for Mayweather. Based on the forecasted rates, Cotto is leading with 15.02% of winning the fight via KO. Most of the analysts also believe that, Miguel’s size and power will help him win.

On the contrary, Floyd’s speed and accuracy are considered as well in defeating the opponent. That is why, Miguel are practicing and evaluating which game plan will work best to win the fight, since he knew that Floyd is indeed different from many boxers that he fought with before. Both boxers admitted that the fight will not be easy. They are both ready and preparing for a 12 round-fight. They know for a fact that both of them are good with boxing, that is why both parties are taking their trainings seriously.

The Cotto vs Mayweather fight will be an interesting match-up between two very technical boxers and it will be very entertaining to watch.


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