Sunday, November 6, 2011

Margarito vs Cotto II: Analysis & Thoughts

This coming December 3, 2011, Miguel Cotto, (36-2, 29 KO’s) will face against Antonio Margarito, (38-7, 27 KO’s). It is a rematch that has been waited for a long time by most boxing fans. Margarito vs Cotto 2 will fighting at a catch weight of 153 lbs, both fighters will meet at Madison Square Garden for the WBA Super World Light Middleweight and World Boxing Board Light Middleweight titles. While we all still shudder when we remember the pounding Cotto took at the hands of Margarito in their first bout, the identical scenario will remain. For both Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito, this rematch symbolizes both payback and redemption. For Margarito, every bout he fights from now on will always be a bout of redemption. 

His deceitful has not been forgotten, but as long as he gets beating, it seems reasonable. It’s true to a degree, but like in all things, compassion is key. Margarito needs to be at peace with his past as much as Cotto needs to let go of his loss. The Margarito vs Cotto 2 rematch marks conclusion for both fighters. Cotto has emerged as a better fight since the Pacquiao loss. Similarly, after the beating he suffered at the hands of Pacquiao, Margarito is still stirring onward and cannot afford to gaze back. In anticipation for this Margarito vs Cotto 2 fight, Margarito will have to trade blows with Cotto. 

Cotto will have to crack in and work his combinations with his maneuvering. Cotto’s best offense will be to be in and out as he brings mixture blows. He also cannot tolerate Margarito to fight taller and let him control the series of the fight. Cotto will win, of course, but only because Margarito is watching shot to fragments and has lost two out of his last three fights. Margarito isn’t the same fighter that beat Cotto three years ago, and clearly neither if Cotto. But Cotto has a bit more left in the tank compared to Margarito. Cotto wins by KO, he will be out for vengeance. He was undefeated before the first fight and it probably crumbling the end of his career. Margarito had to come back to win last time, Cotto is in superior figure of the two at this point of their professions.


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