Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catch weight is not an issue in Pacquiao-Marquez III

The upcoming Pacquiao vs Marquez bout, Pacquiao said, will clear doubts raised during the controversial draw in their first match in 2004, and the tight 12-round fight he won via split decision in their second meet up in 2008. Marquez, meanwhile, said he feels very happy that Pacquiao accepted the challenge, yet his eyes are focused on clinching victory in the upcoming bout. He said to Pacquaio, "You fight with your heart. I like fighting with my heart and people watching two warriors on the ring." And though he said he fights with native country Mexico, he confessed that he loves the Filipinos. Arum defended the coming bout, stressing Pacquiao, who will stake his World Boxing Organization welterweight title, will not have a tremendous advantage in weight come fight night, as claimed by some quarters. 

"Let me tell you something, let’s get real here, they have to make the weight at 144. When they go into the ring (on) the night of the fight, they’ll be within one pound of each other," Arum said.

"Juan Manuel will probably be 147, 148, Manny will be the same thing. That’s the definitive weight that matters. It’s not like Manny is a middleweight who will weigh 144 at the weigh-in and then go into the ring at 160."

"Today, sitting here, Manny is probably 148-149," Arum continued. "So Alex Ariza’s job during the training (period) will be to feed him (Pacquiao) enough food to maintain his weight. So the weight is not an issue. What’s an issue here is the increased skills of both fighters since they last fought, and who will have the advantage."


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