Saturday, August 6, 2011

Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz

Everyone around the world is so excited to see how Floyd Mayweather Jr. will defeat Victor Ortiz. Ok, the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight is coming almost a month from now. The most awaited match of these two Welterweight will be on September 17, 2011. I think that's all for now. I predict that Mayweather will win, but he'll have a really easy time defeating Ortiz. Mayweather will win via unanimous decision on Round 12. This fight is the most exciting match this year, or maybe this decade, or maybe in the history of boxing. The two of the most best welterweight fighters will meet face to face and will prove to themselves of who really is worthy of the title of being the best among the rest! I assume that this fight is more exciting than Mosley Vs. Mayweather because my heart is pounding right now of knowing who will win in this match. The fight will be broadcast live via satellite. I bet this is really thrilling and we all can't wait to watch Mayweather knock out Ortiz in this boxing event called Star Power!See you all in September 17, 20110 and Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz fight Live! A free live stream will be available here on the event day. That's for sure!


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