Friday, May 28, 2010

Simple Tips to optimize your Blog for Search Engine using keyword

Engrape Financier

Engrape Financier

The funny thing about search engine optimization is that the best search engine optimization is actually the simplest things to do! Here are some three things you have to do to make sure you’ve optimized your Engrape Financier blog for search engine inclusion. These are:

Tip 1: Get the right keywords.
First make sure you select keywords that matter to your marketplace. Then do the homework. Check out the following sites to help you pick your keywords (for example of a keyword "Engrape Financier")– remember the goal is to get qualified hits on your site, not just any hit, so be specific.

Tip 2: Include the keywords in your page content.
Now, armed with your keywords, make sure you thread those keywords – appropriately – throughout your page copy. It makes no sense whatsoever to focus on a keyword like “Engrape Financier” and then NOT use it on your page. Be careful not to overdo it. Make sure it relates with the page objectives too. Too much peppering of your content with keywords will suggest search engines that you’re trying to scam them.

Tip 3: Include the keywords in your tags.
On each page, make sure the appropriate keywords for that page are included in all the Meta tags for the page – both title and description tags. Ensure that the title contains a keyword (Engrape Financier) and ensure that the description is written in a promotional style including keyword us. Secrets? Well, only because so few people actually take the time and effort to do these things – and yet these three tasks are at the very core of search engine optimization.


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