Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watch Nikita Season 1 Episode 10

Nikita Season 1 Episode 10
Watch Nikita Season 1 Episode 10 this coming Thursday, December 2, 2010 on CW Channel. The newest episode of Nikita Season 1 Episode 10 is entitled "Dark Matter". Everyone are already excited about this upcoming episode of Nikita. It looks like Owen will be back in the next episode! We’ve been wondering, not just about him, but also about the black box that had everyone hunting him a few episodes back. So what did Owen do with it once he dug it up? Owen leaks secret information from Division's black boxes to the media, revealing that the U.S. Government was responsible for an assassination in Chile. As a result, Percy frames a C.I.A. agent, Ryan for the crime. Nikita and Owen go to Chile to rescue Ryan from mercenaries and in doing so end up getting captured. Nikita reveals the secrets of Division to Ryan in an effort to save all of their lives. Back inside Division, Alex spies on Percy and Birkhoff and witnesses a side to Percy she has never seen before. These questions and more will, hopefully, all be answered in the next episode where we welcome Owen’s return after Michael’s atrocious behavior. We know Michael was upset about the whole “failing to get revenge on the man who murdered his family” thing but that’s no excuse for tossing your ex-lover from a car in the middle of a deserted street in Uzbekistan. Seriously, Michael needs to relax and stop being such an angry drama queen! If he’d just let Nikita have the shot at Kasim in the first place, the guy would most likely be dead already! Aftеr thе “One way” incident between Michael аnd Nikita, іt seems thаt hе іѕ quite serious іn taking down Nikita аftеr ѕhе ѕtοрреd hіm frοm kіllіng thе terrorist thаt kіllеd hіѕ family. I thουght thеу wіll bе partners later fοr gοοd tο bring down “thе division” bυt thаt wουld nοt bе thе case. Hοwеνеr, Owen Elliot іѕ back tο hеlр hеr bυt Miky seems really pissed wіth thе ‘unsuccessful revenge рlοt.’ I аm wondering whаt wіll happens next? Excited already so don't ever missed to Watch Nikita Season 1 Episode 10: Dark Matter.


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