Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where to Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 1

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 1
The premiere episode of Supernatural season 6 Episode 1 will be this coming 24th of September 2010. Its been months that fans of the Winchester have been waiting for the return of the prophecy and the series on television. Supernatural. Supernatural is proven a certified hit which is why the maker has decided to renew it ad and you have to be there as it premieres. The newest episode of Supernatural Season 6 Episode 1 is entitled “Exile on Main Street“. Just as I thought after the ending of the finale on the 5th season, there will be 6th of this. I just can't get enough of it and want more of Winchesters and the demons. in this 6th season is about the brother’s relationship. Because the brother’s roles was reversed with Dean now hesitant to return to hunting lifestyle. And they investigate who monsters have been acting off pattern. Few of the first episode will establish the new mythology. Also planning to a spoofing Twilight and other vampire series as well as “insane storyline. The first episode for the sixth season will continues where the story stop when the so called “apocalypse” just ended when Lucifer’s souls was unnerved to the cage that will hold him for sometime. Where you can Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 1? I recommend this two sites Watch Movie And TV Series Online and Linkmoko TV Series Portal.


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