Sunday, August 29, 2010

Watch JONAS LA Season 2 Episode 10

JONAS LA Season 2 Episode 10

Watch JONAS LA Season 2 Episode 10

Watch JONAS LA Season 2 Episode 10 online this Sunday, August 29, 2010 the JONAS LA Season 2 will air its 11th episode of the season. Jonas LA Season 2 Episode 10 is entitled “The Flirt Locker". The JONAS LA Season 2 Episode 11: Flirt Locker is the 31st episode of the entire series. The Flirt Locker episode will premiere back-to-back with Sonny With A Chance – That’s So Sonny episode on Disney Channel. Guest star on this episode is Abbie Cobb as Jessika. Last week Episode of JONAS LA the brothers decide to make a new music video which Kevin wants to direct but is offended after his father hires a popular music video director for the video director. Meanwhile Frankie has a crush on Macy and is trying to win her heart away from Nick.

JONAS LA Season 2 Episode 10: Flirt Locker Plot: A well-known celebrity blogger called ‘The Movie Brat’ reviews Joe’s movie, so Joe decides to flirt with her to prove to Stella that his charm is universal. The blogger gets the wrong idea, and she makes a web page about her ‘new boyfriend’, so Stella and Macy have to come up with a plan to get Joe out of their “relationship”. The blogger also writes that Nick is going solo, which shocks everyone. Meanwhile, Nick meets with a big music producer who suggests that Nick should go solo.

Watch out also for the premiere of the much awaited Jonas Brothers movie the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam on September 3, 2010 on Disney Channel.

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