Friday, July 23, 2010

Wala Sang Libre

God says,”Take what you want and pay for it!” when I first heard this term proverb from Spain it frightened me. I used to dream of an Angel with a flaming sword. But as I thought more about it, I realized that the Angel held not a sword but a balance. In one side you put what you would like to be. Do you want to be famous? Very well, says the Angel, and then spend every waking hour in the pursuit of fame. It will show up in the other side of the balance in time spent and sacrifice made. Is it reaches you want? Think about money everyday, study it, give your life to it, and the balance will be weighed with gold-but at the cost of other things. Maybe you want to be wise. The angel will weigh out a high payment for that, too; it will include a good life, a pursuit of knowledge, and an uncompromising love of truth. Everything has it price. We are familiar with this idea in our daily lives. We go to the self-service stores, in our wire cart we put a can of tomatoes, a bit of cheese, bread, hamburger, and spaghetti. On the way out the clerk adds up our bill, puts our purchase in a paper bag, and we carry home our dinner after we paid for it. So with the balance of our lives: on one side, our heart’s desire; on the other side of the scales, the reckoning. When the scales are even, you may take out what you have bought. Sometimes the price seems high. But remember, you must pay for the character and quality of your goal as well as for the achievement of it. The law is simple and I is just; you may have what you want-but you must pay. Nothing is free.


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