Friday, July 23, 2010

Literary Arts of Capiznon

The Capiznon Blogger are proud to present some Literary Arts of Capiz. The patugmahanon (riddle) is a word game played by adults and children at social occasions, to while away the time, to create camaraderie among warring parties, or simple to entertain. It reveals the people’s values, institutions, traditions, customs, and humor which are sometimes risqué. The hurubaton is most revealing of the natural environment and material culture of the Capiznon. The strong odor of ginamos (fermented small fish) is used as analogy for one’s foul secrets, as in the proverb.
The most popular type of narrative poetry is the kumpusu/composo a ballad the topics of which range from historical events to love affairs of some people and social conditions. On the other hand, there are kumpusu that are fictional narratives with a didactic purpose. Prose narratives consist of tales, fables, and legends explaining the origin of place names, land features such as caves and forests, and other elements of nature such as root crops and animals. The Capiznon Blogger are proud of their literary arts that reflect the ingenuity of Capiznons.


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