Friday, July 23, 2010

Capiz Festival

Every province here in the Philippines has their own festival. Here in Capiz, we have our own festivals that well surely enjoy not only CapizeƱos but other tourist who would like to join with us in our festivities. The Capiznon proud to present, the Capiznon Festival. Every year the province of Capiz celebrates the Sinadya sa Halaran Festival, a festival that usually happens in the month of December. They also have this food festival called Diwal Festival. From the history of Capiz, this festival commemorates the rich culture and tradition of the Capiznon. That’s why we the Capiznon participants are proud to be a Capiznon. Lots of seafood’s being displayed, colorful parade, street dancing, and fascinating fireworks are some of the highlights of this event. This year Capiz will celebrate their festivities again and I’m sure all Capiznon will enjoy in the different events or programs that will happen during the one week festivities. The Capiznon are inviting you to come and enjoy Capiz hospitality and enjoy our seafood’s festival.


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