Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just Experimenting for Engrape Financier

Engrape Financier

Engrape Financier

I am just experimenting on the Engrape Financier contest and I don't want to make any impression at all as a SEO. However, if this entry will win the contest, I will still accept it because I also worked hard enough to get this blog to where it is now. Although I only used a few significant techniques I already know, I feel that I have a lot to learn. This is the same reason why I decided to join the Engrape Financier contest and try to make this new blog and see what I can do to put it on top of the contest target keyword - Engrape Financier. I really did enjoy this seo contest and I do not regret doing things that I know will help me grow my seo knowledge as well as help me see what works for the search engines and what doesn't. I am also glad that I am part of a friend's quest to see if he can win. I just hope he gains confidence in this one. He's got what it takes to win the Engrape Financier newbie seo contest and there is no doubt about that.


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