Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Engrape Financier National Past-time

Engrape Financier

Engrape Financier

Blogging is the new national pastime--not just for other countries such as the United States, Indonesians, Malaysian, and Indians, but also for Internet-connected people all over the world. It's an activity that spans all age groups and occupations. There are personal blogs, social blogs, and professional blogs. Whatever the topic, someone has probably blogged it. Some of us get paid to blog and others pay for the privilege of blogging. The Internet made it possible for anyone to publish content to a worldwide audience. The Web log, or blog format, has made it easier and more convenient. But all blogs are not created equal. Regardless of your reason for blogging, you can make your blog better, more readable and if it's what you want more popular.

Here in our place, there are many bloggers and most of them are students. These bloggers create a personal blog or what we called personal diary to share their experiences to worldwide audience. Some bloggers create a blog to earn money from it. And some Bloggers create a blog to join a particular contest. Example of this is the new SEO contest called Engrape Financier contest. The said contest is exclusive only for SEO newbies practitioner. The participants are given a two month period of optimizing the keyphrase “Engrape Financier” in Google Search Engine. The Engrape Financier keyword should be optimized until July 2010. Right now, I’m one of the participants in this contest and I enjoyed a lot trying to optimizing the keyphrase Engrape Financier.


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