Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Building PageRank for Engrape Financier

Google Pagerank

Engrape Financier

One of the best ways to drive traffic and attract customers to your Engrape Financier blog is to improve your Google PageRank. While a search engine optimization strategy won't ensure top billing for your site, it will increase the likelihood of higher exposure. Google uses automated programs known as "spiders" or "WebCrawler" that scan the web regularly and rank web sites according to a number of factors although much of the process is veiled in secrecy. You know, up to now Google PageRank is still needed by most bloggers around the world. And do you know why PageRank is so important? It’s all about marketing reason. Having higher page rank means having more chance to make money.

That’s my opinion. Theoretically, PageRank is calculated through how many authorities of a blog or a website received. The more authorities usually will generate the higher PageRank too. Below I will tell you the easiest way to build PageRank according to several resources that freely available on the internet. I hope it still works. If it’s not, I am so sorry, here are some of the things that factor into your site's page rank Firstly, try to gain natural links from other blogs or websites. Usually it will be easy if we’re able to write good content or even a controversial content.

Secondly, try to gain links from social media such as mybloglog, technorati, etc. You may find others yourself. Thirdly, commenting in dofollow blogs. But do not spam it otherwise you’ll be banned by some spam blocker like akismet or spam karma. For the last one, use link exchange. It’s recommended you choose any blog that have a similar topic with yours. If not, it’s still ok, but may be there are no effects to your future PR. For those who think if I follow all these ways to Engrape Financier, the answer is no!

Being a computer technician student with a hectic scheduled from morning till night I hardly get enough time to look at so many points. So I follow just the first one, "Content is the King!" But other ways have also been tested by many experts and are surely going to help you. Handwork will pay. Keep working.I hope my Engrape Financier blog will gain a PageRank soon.


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